A unique, three weeks holiday, focused on all the nine endemic amazons on the Caribbean!

Caribbean Endemic Amazons

Tuesday 17th January - Thursday 9th February 2023

The beautiful Caribbean islands are magnet for numerous people with their fine sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea waters. But there are some hidden treasures on these islands known to a much fewer people - the very beautiful Amazon parrots. Nowadays there are 9 species of endemic amazons inhabiting 8 of the islands, and one of them - the Cuban Amazon has 2 distinct subspecies on smaller islands. Our tour will be focused on these beautiful and endangered birds and we shall see them in their native habitat and enjoy their behavior and beauty. We will also visit the conservation projects on most of the islands. We will also see the 2 endemic parakeets, plus a number of introduced other parrot species. For each of the amazon species we will have 2 full days and the islands we will visit have in total 100 + other endemic bird species and we may see most of them.
Sadly, once upon there were more amazons species to live on the Caribbean and at least 2, possibly 4 species of macaws. They are long gone now, due to persecution and habitat destruction.
Beside the observation of the amazons in the wild, and the other birds, we will have some lectures about the extinct species and more importantly on the conservation issues and the efforts to protect and save the existing amazons. Their biology, ecology, history, survival and conservation will be discussed.
We shall start from the south end of the Caribbean, from St. Vincent


Day 1 Arrive in St. Vincent. Overnight in Kingstown for 3 nights.

Days 2  and 3 Watching St. Vincent Amazon, we try to see both color morphs in the wild and visit the conservation project and the aviaries with captive parrots.

Days 4 and 5 Flight from St. Vincent to St. Lucia.  Here we will accommodate for two nights. Observing the local amazon and visit the conservation project. Free time and birding around.

Days 6 to 8  Flight from St. Lucia to Dominica.  Stay overnight in hotel near Portsmouth for 3 nights. We shall have three full days  in search of the Imperial and the Red-necked amazons at Northern Forest Reserve; on the flanks of Morne Diablotin and Morne Trua Pitton. Visit the conservation projects. If time permits, we will go birding around or have a free time. Option for whaling excursion.

Days 9 and 10  Flight from Dominica to Puerto Rico. Overnight in  hotel near  Luquillo Forest for two  nights. Rest of the day and the next  full day we will be watching the endemic amazon in the wild and visit the reintroduction project. If time permits go birding looking for the 17 endemic birds in Puerto Rico.

Days 11 to 13 Flight  from Puerto Rico to Dominican Republic. Stay overnight in hotel near Barahona for 3 nights. Watching the endemic amazon and the Hispaniola Parakeet and looking for the other 30 endemic birds on the island.

Days 14 to 16 Flight from Santo Domingo to Kingston. Stay overnight in Green Castle Estate for three nights. Looking for the both Yellow-billed and Black-billed amazons and the other endemics.

Days 17 and 18 Flight from Kingston to Cayman Brac. Here we will stay for a two nights to enjoy the local subspecies of the Cuban Amazon (the only species with living subspecies).

Days 19 and 20 Flight from Cayman Brac to Grand Cayman. Here we will stay for a two nights to enjoy the local subspecies of the Cuban Amazon (the only species with living subspecies).

Days 21 to 23  Flight from Grand Cayman to Havana. Drive to Zapata peninsula, the Cuban Amazon stronghold, where we stay for three nights. We have 2 full days to enjoy the beautiful Cuban Amazon as well as the Cuban parakeet and many other endemics. 

Day 24  Transfer to Havana airport and flight back home.

Extension for  the Bahama Amazon

Day 24  Flight from Havana to Marsh Harbour. Drive to the hotel, where we stay for two nights.

Day 25  We have full day to enjoy the beautiful Bahama parrots.

Day 26 Transfer to Marsh Harbour  airport. Departure.


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Caribbean Endemic Amazons

Caribbean Endemic Amazons

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