Dear аll,

The situation in Europe as well as in the world regarding to the covid-19 becomes more and more dynamic. Bulgaria, our home country, is in one of the best situation compared with many others, however we are not underestimating it. Your health and wellbeing are main priority during our tours.

We postponed all our tours for 2021 and this year will be running only private, tailor made tours.

Nearly all our guests postponed their tour bookings for next year. So our tour programme for 2021 is now set up. We are also working on the one for 2022 as well as some new tours in new destinations.

You can see them on our web site:

Here are the main points to the Covid-19 situation:

All safety recommendations of the World Health Organization will be followed during our tours.

Group size for 2021

Bus size for the groups – we will try to secure a 1.5 vehicle seats for every participant.

Single supplement – we encourage you to take a single room. We have talked with the hotel managers we use and have lowered the costs. 

If you have been to a country or a place with a high risk of Covid-19 prior the tour, please let us know

COVID-19 Safety Norm

With the COVID-19 we will run our tours in confidence with the strict regulations. We are requiring that all guides and guests apply to the following measures:

• Please do not greet anyone by hand and avoid physical contact at all times.
• Avoid touching your face – especially nose, eyes and mouth.
• Masks are to be used for the whole duration of our tour – on vehicles, airports and in any social situations. Your guide will inform when not wearing a mask is possible. Guests are asked to bring your own masks and that they must be worn according to WHO safety standards.
• Everyone is pleased to wash hands at every opportunity and use the provided sanitizer regularly – the leader will carry hand sanitizer with him.
• Please keep the social distancing as best as possible. A minimum distance of 2 meters is required, whenever possible.
• The team leader will spray all equipment with disinfectant after every use.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail:

Enjoy your time and stay safe and healthy.