Our recent Butterflies of Turkey tour was a great success again as the number of species we have seen came to the amazing 167!

Highlights includes Indian Grass Blue, Small Desert Blue, Grass Jewel, Anatolian Fiery Copper, Eastern Brown Argus, Bosnian Blue, Chelmos Blue, Turkish Furry Blue, Anatolian Chalk-hill Blue, Poseidon Blue, Gerhards Black Hairstreak, Rebels Hairstreak, Odd-spot Blue, Larger Anatolian Blue, Pontic Blue, Orange Hermit, Freyers Grayling, White-bordered Grayling, Ionian Emperor, several species of Tawny Rockbrowns, White-banded Grayling, Great Steppe Grayling, Persian Fritillary, Amasian Satyr, Anatolian Skipper, Inky Skipper. One day we have seen more than 15 Lebanese Silver-lines and at least two Large Silver-lines, posing nicely on the stones or tall plants. We also enjoyed Fiery Coppers, just emerged.

Many interesting and rare dragonflies were also recorded, as well as good flowers. Detailed trip report and tour checklist will be available on the website shortly.

Dates for the 2019 tour are Wednesday 10th July - Wednesday 24th July 2019.