Golden eagles photography hides upgrade

Our hides for photographing Golden eagles are now ready for the winter photography season.

First of all we have built one new hide for Golden eagles photography in area different to where our other hides are. It is wooden hide and can accommodate up to 4 photographers, and has small toilet inside. The hide can be reached by car and need no walking. Beside the main target here – the local Golden eagle pair and their ofsprings, we also expect immature and sub adult eagles to visit the baits as the whole area support quite healthy eagles population. Other species we expect here are Raven, Long-legged Buzzard, Goshawk and Red Fox.
We have also upgraded one of our best working hides so far – the Golden eagles stone hide. It now can accommodate 4 photographers and also has small toilet. 

We now have 4 different hides for golden eagles (4 different pairs) photography who work quite well and provide very different set up, distances and backgrounds. More about our hides you can find here  http://www.spatiawildlife.com/en/willdife-photography-netrwork-of-permanent-hides/index.html