International Po Delta Birdwatching Fair 2012

International Po Delta Birdwatching Fair 2012

 Our stand before the event.

At the end of April, Spatia  Wildlife team took part in The International Po Delta Birdwatching Fair 2012. The event happened between 27th and 29th of April, in the Italian city Comacchio (Ferrara), in the Po Delta Park in the Emilia-Romagna Region.  

We’d like to express our special thanks to our friend Michele Mendi, without whom our participating in The International Po Delta Birdwatching Fair 2012 would not have been so successful. Michele was able to present our tours to the Italian birders, photographers and naturalists as he has been to Bulgaria during the last four years, photographing Golden Eagles, Goshawk, Long-legged Buzzards, Dalmatian Pelicans, woodpeckers and Hawfinches. He was also the first photographer to succesfully test our new hide for Imperial Eagles, Long-legged Buzzards and Golden Jackals last February!

Spatia Wildlife was also one of the Po Delta Birdwatching fair and provided the prize for the winner of the Delta in Focus 2012 Photo Contest. The winner will enjoy free place on our Golden Eagles and winter birds photography tour next December.

Although still incomparable with the Birtish Birdwatching Fair, The International Po Delta Birdwatching Fair is growing steadily and in the past few editions gathers around 200 exhibitors and 30 000 visitors.  The event draws the attention of  both birdwatchers and nature photographers. The exhibitors comes from wide range of areas  - optics, photography and equipment for birdwatching and nature photography, biodiversity, slow tourism, specialized press, sportswear, educational and environmental training, tour operators and natural destinations, Italian and foreign parks and reserves, organizations and associations, municipalities, provinces and regions. During the fair they were held different events  associated with birdwatching and photography as like excursions, contests, exhibitions, lectures, practical activities. One of these events was  the 6th edition of Delta in Focus Contest, which is devided in four different categories - Birds of the Delta, Birds of the World, Natural landscapes and Slow Tourism.

The location of the city Comacchio gives the opportunity of the visitors and the exhibitors of the fair not only to find new clients, partners, technologies and destinations, but also to discover the nature of Po Delta Park, Emilia-Romagna Region, and to participate in several activities like hiking, boating, biking, horse riding, educational workshops and so on.