Testing a new photography spot in Bulgaria

We have been testing a new area for developing a network of few high standard hides for wildlife photography during the last summer. The place (around 60 ha) is situated at 1300 m., above the sea level, on the southern slopes of Balkan Mountain, next to the Central Balkan National Park. It has mixed habitats of mature beech forest, open meadows, pine forest and small stream. This variety is perfect for many interesting species from photographers point of view and we have so far recorded here Brown Bear, Wolf, Badger, Pine Martin, Wild Cat, Wild Boar, Red Squirrel and Red Deer, plus a lot of birds – Golden eagles, Goshawk, Black, White-backed and other woodpeckers and many other species. We are now looking forward to the winter season and to see what it will reveal. Hopefully there will be new hides there next year!