Butterflies of Armenia tour ended with 126 species and second ever observation of Persian Blue!

Our first Butterflies of Armenia tour has just finished. In two weeks 126 species of butterflies have been recorded, which is more than a half of all Armenian butterfly species! During the tour we observed and photographed second ever Persian Blue for the country! Highlights included Caucasian Turan Copper, Anatolian Fiery Copper, Turkish Fiery Copper, Hyrcanian Black Hairstreak, Orange-banded Hairstreak, Bosnian Blue, Odd-spot Blue, Christophs Blue, Ionian Emperor, Transcaucasian Fritillary, Persian Fritillary, Saadis Heath, Amasian Satyr, Alcides Skipper, Tessellated Skipper, Inky Skipper, Eastern Orange Tip, Bowdens White and many others. One day we have seen more than 100 Marsh Fritillaries, posing nicely on flowers, virtually everywhere.  Many interesting and rare dragonflies were also recorded, as well as many birds and flowers.
Dates for the 2019 tour are Saturday 25th May - Friday 07th June.
Detailed trip report and tour checklist will be available on our website soon.