Butterflies of Morocco - succesful first tour!

Butterflies of Morocco - succesful first tour!
Vauchers Heath

Our first Butterflies of Morocco tour has just finished. In less than two weeks 68 species of butterflies we have been recorded, which is more than a half of all Moroccan butterfly species! Highlights included Vauchers Heath, Spanish Festoon, Moroccan Orange tip, Desert Orange tip, Sooty Orange tip, Green Striped White, Southern Scarce Swallowtail, Moroccan Copper, Martins Blue, Atlas Blue, False Baton Blue, Black Eyed Blue, Lorquins Blue, African Babul Blue, African Grass Blue, Mediterranean Tiger Blue, Common Tiger Blue, Fatmas Bavius Blue, Spotted Adonis Blue, Spanish Marbled White, Moroccan Marbled White, Dark Giant Grayling, Spanish Fritillary, Desert Fritillary, Aden Skipper and many others. We discovered two new colonies of the rare Desert Babul Blue, as well as one of the invasive Geranium Bronze. One day we have seen more than 30 Desert Orange Tips near the food plants, but also posing nicely on the rocks or bare ground. Many interesting and rare dragonflies were also recorded, as well as many birds and nice flowers.
Dates for the 2018 tour are Wednesday 9th May - Monday 21st May 2018
Detailed trip report and tour checklist will be available on the website shortly.