Early Butterflies tour ended with 87 species!

In less than two weeks 87 species of butterflies have been recorded. Highlights included Southern Swallowtail, Southern and Eastern Festoons, Grass Jewel, Iolas Blue, Powdered Brimstone, Cleopatra, Krupers Small White, Gruners Orange Tip, Eastern Greenish Black Tip, Grecian Copper, Bavius Blue, Little Tiger Blue, Dalmatian Ringlet, Cardinal, Camberwell Beauty, Inky Skipper and many others. One day we have seen at least two Grass Jewels and more than 3 Inky Skippers hilltopping, but also posing nicely on the rocks. Many orchids and early flowers were also recorded, as well as many birds and dragonflies.
Weather was very favorable with only one of the transfers day of the trip being rainy!

Detailed trip report and tour checklist will be available on the tour page: http://www.wildechotours.com/en/butterflies-tour-Greece-Bulgaria.html

Dates for the 2019 tour are Monday 22nd April - Saturday 4th May 2019