World Parrot Day 31st May

Together with the birds of paradise, the parrots are the most beautiful and charismatic birds on the planet Earth.
Of the 398 known species of parrots, 18 are critically endangered, 39 are endangered, and 55 are vulnerable, according to the IUCN Red List.
The nature destruction and wildlife trade are the main danger for them, along with volcanos and hurricanes. So please consider these reasons and do your best to protect and support the parrots all over the planet.
The great thing is that there are also many successful project and stories where many species of parrots are recovering  starting with the Spixs Macaw of which the first 12 will be released in the wild caatinga in the NE Brazil on 11th of June, the Lears Macaw, the Kakapo and many others. Thank you very much to all the people who are working to save the parrots. Support them and enjoy them too!