A challenging tour focused on one of the most beautiful and difficult birds to photograph!

Red-breasted Geese photography

Friday 10th - Friday 17th February 2023

In January and February almost the whole world population of the Red-breasted Geese concentrates in Bulgaria. Thankfully of the mild winter, the freshwater lakes along Bulgarian Black Sea`s coast, as well as the adjacent fields with winter wheat, the geese find optimal conditions here. That's why, up to 30,000 specimens can be seen here during this period. Hence, our photo tour is focused on this rare, handsome, but very shy bird.
Red-breasted Geese are undoubtedly difficult to approach and photograph, as they are very suspicious birds. However, with careful preparation, patience and the so much needed luck you will be able to photograph the geese from a reasonable distance, enough for memorable images. You will be able to take interesting compositions with feeding or flying flocks of geese. The natural beauty and the seclusion of the area are also going to charm you.
Additionally, you will have the option to photograph other species like Black-necked Grebes, Pygmy Cormorant, White-fronted Geese, Hawfinch, Marsh Harrier, Hen Harrier, Bearded Reedling, Calandra Lark, Crested Lark, gulls, ducks, Smew and more.
Our tour will begin from southern Bulgaria. Here will spending 2 full days for searching and photography Red-breasted Geese and other interesting sea and freshwater species. After that we have one day transfer to Durankulak and Shabla lakes, northern Black sea coast, with stops along the road. In the region of the lakes Durankulak and Shabla we will be spending 3 full days for photography. We will be accommodated in small family hotel with tasty food from the region main sea fish and products. We will be flexible and could slightly change the itinerary depends on the geese presence and the weather.


Day 1 Arrival at Burgas (Sofia and Varna airports are possible too) airport. Accommodation in hotel in Burgas.

Days 2 and 3 All day photography in the region. The days will be start really early. An hour before sunrise we have to be on the field and will wait the flocks to fly away from the lake. The points are situated on the west of the lakes and we can take amazing shots with the rising sun as a background (black lit photography). Next quick breakfast and will continue to explore the wheat fields in the vicinities of the lakes for grazing geese. We can photograph them better in the fields. At dusk we will back at the hotel for dinner and relax.

Day 4 Today we have transfer to Durankulak (3 to 4 hours driving). Transfer will be whole day because we have a few stops along the road for coastal and forest species - Grey-headed and Middle Spotted woodpeckers, Corn Bunting, Whooper Swan, Black-throated Diver, Hen Harrier, waders, gulls, ducks and more.

Days 5 to 7 All day photography in the region. Same as in the first part from the tour we will wake up very early and will find the flocks of geese in the region of the lakes. Here we have and some opportunities for photography of another interesting species as waders, ducks, grebes, herons, Bittern, swans, raptors and many more.

Day 8 Depends from the flight time morning photography session is possible. Transfer to the Varna (Burgas or Sofia) airport. Departure.

Notes: We will be flexible with the itinerary. We will spend more time on the place where chances for photography are better. We will know that a few days before you come.

Clothes and equipment: lenses longer than 400mm are needed, extender (if you have), tripod, camo net, head lamp. Warm clothes and boots, best to be waterproof.


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Red-breasted Geese special

Red-breasted Geese special

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