Rare opportunity to capture one of the most unique places in Africa

The tribes of Omo Valley

Tuesday 20th - Sunday 25th October 2020


Day 1  Arrival at Arba Minch from Addis Abeba. After checking in the hotel, visit the Dorze people who live on the Huge Mountain. They are famous for their beehive bamboo houses and weaving skills. In their society, only the women do the spinning of the cotton, while only the men are allowed to weave the traditional cloth. Accommodation at Mora Heights Hotel, Arba Minch.

Day 2  Drive to Turmi and Visit Arbore and Hammer Village. Later we will visit the Hammer people who have a bull jumping ceremony. This ceremony is a transformation for young boys from young to adulthood. During the ceremony, you will see the real Hammer traditional dance called Evangadi, and also the women from the jumper’s family are being beaten by his friends to show their love to the Jumper and that he is ready for adulthood. We will spend the next two nights at Turmi Lodge in Turmi.

Day 3  Trip to visit the people of the Karo tribe. Depart from Turmi to the villages of Murulle, Kolcho and Dus on the shores of the Omo River. The Karo people are the smallest in number of all of the tribes of the Omo Valley, and they are known for their elaborate decorations, particularly during local ceremonies. We might also have the chance to see the traditional night dancing of the Hammer people, known as Evangadi.

Day 4  A drive to Mago National Park enable to visit the Mursi people in their village. The Mursi are well known for the large clay discs their women wear inserted in their lower split lip. The Mursi women start cutting their lips between the age of 12 and 16 and thereafter, they put small wooden plugs into the hole and change it every night with the bigger one to stretch the lips till it can hold a 6 inch (15cm) round clay disc. The Mursi men wear very little, although a cotton wrap is becoming more common now. Overnight at Jinka Resort.

Day 5  After breakfast we will drive back to Arba Minch via Key Afer. Few stops on the way for photography at Wey (market day Sunday) and Key Afar (market day Thursday).

Day 6  Fly from Arba Minch to Addis Ababa. If time permits, a shopping might be arranged.