About us

In 2001 I created Wild Echo - since when 19 years have flashed by. To be fair, in the beginning we were two – myself (Dobromir Domuschiev) and a very good and knowledgeable friend Stephan. After nearly a year of preparations, just as we were ready to push the Start button, he and his family left Bulgaria and moved to Canada. Even today he still apologises to me that he left me alone every time we meet :)
The very first group I led was a private birding group from the UK in April 2002, followed by a German photography tour. The same trips ran in 2003.
Obtaining a tour operator license was very difficult in Bulgaria, so we had to run the tours using the licence of another company that belonged to a friend. In April 2004, advised by our first clients - we took part in the British Birdfair and I registered my own company – Spatia Wildlife.  These two clients are now dear friends and since then we meet up every Birdfair and stay with them most times. In February 2005 the company finally obtained its own tour operator license. To avoid further bureaucracy and confusion, the company was called Spatia Wildlife, a similar name to the one of my friends we had used for the first two years. It was not the name I really wanted to have, so finally in 2015 Wild Echo was founded - meaning Echo from the Wild. The name came to us while watching the world famous documentary narrated by Sir David Attenborough – the Echo from the elephants.  Echo was the matriarch of the herd and the programme, besides reflecting their beautiful life also highlighted through the elephants’ story the current problems for nature around the world.
We believe Wild Echo is the perfect and most beautiful name.
My love of birds began when I was 11 years old, followed quickly by a love of all wildlife and I became completely engaged with nature conservation. When the time came, I enrolled at the Academy of Economics, in Svishtov,much to everybody’s astonishment! But even at that time I knew that to be successful in nature conservation you needed the skills of an economist, alongside that of a biologist, jurist, public relations expert and other professions.
During my high education and 7 years afterwards I was deeply involved in nature conservation, mainly with my favourite group of birds – the raptors. By then the company had started and on top of working on the tours, myself and Wild Echo worked on various conservation projects – including Saker Falcon and Apollo reintroductions in Bulgaria.
From the very beginning nearly all our guests were from the UK, where we have, I would say, very many friends now. In the last 6-7 years we started to have guests from all the Western European countries and recently even from Brazil, Albania, Australia and Kuwait!!!
Bulgaria is amongst the best places for biodiversity in Europe (officially the third richest) and given its small size – 111 000 sq km and south-eastern location it could be said to be the best place. Our first tours were here of course but we have started adding trips to the neighbouring countries, and then on to more distant places, reaching out to Mongolia, Ethiopia and the Caribbean Islands - all places I dreamt of visiting since I was a teenager.
I started working in wildlife and ecotourism as it is a powerful tool to convince the local people that it can bring in a lot more money for them in the long term, instead of the false economy of a quick buck that permanently devastates their nature and then nothing. I believe we have succeeded in a few places. All the tours are designed and ran in a way to avoid or minimize the negative effect on nature. This is a very important rule to us, with many aspects and we strictly follow them.

Our full time team is now very experienced; including myself, our office manager – Mrs. Stefana Stancheva and George Gerdjikov – ecologist and wildlife photographer. You can see more information about us, together with our leaders - in our leaders section.
We are looking very much to the future by; improving the tours, making them friendlier, helping further nature conservation work, involving more young people and visiting some more beautiful and even extreme places – such as Papua New Guinea, the Great Australian Desert, Wrangel Island in a different way and more ...
Your suggestions are important to us. We are always interested to know if you have any suggestions; on our tours, about the website or where would you like to go next. If so, please do contact us.
We look forward to experiencing many more wonderful days in the field, with both new faces and all our regulars alike.