Our leaders


Mario is entomologists working in the Bulgarian Academy of Science. Besides being an expert in butterflies and insects, he is also one of the best herpetologists and excellent birder. He speaks Italian, English and Russian; and has a broad knowledge of the Bulgarian history. His expertise and easy going personality and sense of humor all contribute to the butterflies, birdwatching and reptiles and amphibians tour he leads.


Kostadin Valchev has a master degree from Wildlife Management Department of Forestry University Sofia. He has experience as a tour guide leading different tours in Bulgaria as well as abroad. Kostadin has been involved in biodiversity conservation, species conservation and protected areas management and designation for more than 15 year. Including monitoring, planning, problem solving, mapping and defining favourable conservation status of mammal species in Natura 2000 sites. Research & conservation of some species like: Balkan chamois, Brown Bear, Wolf, Capercaillie, etc. He knows well Bulgarian country side, especially mountainous areas


Yordan has always been interested in wildlife and became a keen birder while still in school. As a student he worked intensively as a volunteer for the return of Griffon vultures to Bulgaria.  His love of wetlands led him to work as manager of Srebarna Reserve, and then to restoration of wetlands along the Danube River. He has extensive knowledge about the nature of Bulgaria. He is one of the authors of the Atlas of Breeding Birds in Bulgaria and Atlas of the European dragonflies and damselflies. Yordan is a keen photographer and many of his images have been published. Yordan leads tourist groups from 10 years, in nature history, birdwatching, dragonflies and butterflies.