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Birds and Thracians -NEW-

Friday 19th - Tuesday 30th April 2024

Cost: 1 840 EUR

Group size: 11 - 12 + leader

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The Butterflies of Morocco - vacancies

Saturday 4th - Thursday 16th May 2024 COST:2 650 EUR

Butterflies and beauty of Armenia - vacancies

Thursday 23rd May - Wednesday 5th June 2024 COST:2 350 EUR

Mountain Butterfly and Macro Photography - vacancies

Sunday 7th - Monday 15th July 2024 COST:1 700 EUR

Butterflies of the West Balkan - vacancies

Sunday 9th - Thursday 20th June 2024 COST:1 850 EUR


"Thank you so much for another wonderful week! My special thanks for making it possible to end on a high note too. There are certain things you never forget and apollo corner will always be one. "

Roger Newton