Specialy designed itinerary focused on seeing Morocco's endemic butterflies.

The Butterflies of Morocco

Saturday 4th - Thursday 16th May 2024

The butterfly fauna of Morocco is the richest and most diverse of all of North Africa. The number of species gradually increases from Egypt westward along the Mediterranean sea coast. The Moroccan fauna comprised 5 families, 66 genera and 135 species of butterflies. There are several endemic species here. For most Europeans, Morocco is a perfect link with Africa - in the north landscape and habitats are similar to Andalucia, but in the south Sahara forming the border. Also the Moroccan dragonfly fauna of 58 species is very interesting, with prevalence of Mediterranean species.
During the tour we shall visit many different habitats: from desert oases through cedar forests and humid fir/pine/oak forests to high mountain zone which will allow us to find many local and interesting species like Spanish Festoon, Spanish Fritillary, Moroccan Orange-tip, Desert Orange-tip, Sooty Orange-tip, Scarce Green Striped White, Desert Swallowtail, Moroccan Copper, Donzel's Silver-line, Allard's Silver-line, Martin's Blue, Allard's Blue, Black-Eyed Blue, Lorquin's Blue, African Babul Blue, Desert Babul Blue, African Grass Blue, Mediterranean Tiger Blue, Common Tiger Blue, Fatma's Bavius Blue, Spotted Adonis Blue, Moroccan Hairstreak, Moroccan Marbled White, Dark Giant Grayling, African Grayling, Desert Fritillary. The tour allow not only to admire the beauty of the scenery, butterflies, dragonflies, flowers and other natural wonders, but also to enjoy the local Moroccan culture and cuisine, offering an all-round experience.


Day 1 Arrival at Fez (Tangiers) airport and transfer to our hotel, situated in Chefchauen for two nights. Accommodation and dinner.

Day 2 We will explore Rif Mountains, which receives more rainfall than any other region in Morocco. The slopes are covered in forests of Atlas cedar, cork oak and holm oak, as well as the only remaining forests of Moroccan fir. Species to be seen here are Spanish Festoon, Spanish Fritillary, Marsh Fritillary, Southern Scarce Swallowtail, Martin's Blue, Black-eyed Blue, Lorquin's Blue, Spanish Marbled White, Spanish Gatekeeper, Dark Giant Grayling, Portuguese Dappled White, Provencal Fritillary, Vaucher's Heath, Moroccan Pearly Heath False Marbled Skipper.

Day 3 Transfer to Ifrane for four nights with stops on the way. Optional visit to the nearby Roman city at Volubilis - a unique frontier-post of the ancient Roman Empire listed in UNESCO World Heritage List.

Days 4 to 6 We will explore Middle Atlas Mountains (including very rich Ifrane surroundings), which is primarily limestone. The jewel of the Middle Atlas is it Ifrane National Park, located in causse atlassic between Khenifra and Ifrane. We will visit different habitats - from dry limestone, rocky places to meadows in a cedar forest, riverbanks and lakes. Species to be seen here are Spanish Festoon, Moroccan Orange-tip, Sooty Orange-tip, Portuguese Dappled White, Greenish Black-tip, Donzel's Silver-line, Allard's Silver-line, Mediterranean Tiger Blue, Common Tiger Blue, Fatma's Bavius Blue, Spotted Adonis Blue, Lorquin's Blue, Moroccan Hairstreak, Provence Hairstreak, Chapman's Green Hairstreak, Spanish Fritillary, Marsh Fritillary, Aetherie Fritillary, Southern Scarce Swallowtail, Moroccan Marbled White, Western Marbled White, Vaucher's Heath, African Grayling, Cleopatra, False Mallow Skipper, Red-underwing Skipper, False Marbled Skipper, Sage Skipper, Rosy Grizzled Skipper.

Day 7 Transfer to Asni for three nights with stops at Ksiba, Bzou & El Kelaa des Srarhna. Searching for African Grass Blue, African Babul Blue, Mediterranean Tiger Blue, Common Tiger Blue, Spanish Marbled White, Allard's Silver-line, Marsh Fritillary, Green-striped White, Western Dappled White etc. Asni is a small town in the foothills of the High Atlas mountains near Marrakech, which is connected to Ikkiss and Imlil by picturesque roads.

Days 8 and 9 Both days we will explore High Atlas Mountains. The range includes Djebel Toubkal, which at 4,167 m is the highest in the range and lies in Toubkal National Park. This range serves as a weather system barrier in Morocco running east-west and separating the Sahara from the Mediterranean and continental zones to the north and west. The High Atlas with contrasting landscapes will remind visitors of the Colorado, with its high plateau, its gorges and canyons, and its peaks sometimes splintered by erosion. We will visit different altitudinal zones - from valleys near Marakesh and its surroundings to high mountain zone. Species to be seen here are Desert Orange-tip, Moroccan Copper, African Babul Blue, African Grass Blue, Moroccan Hairstreak, False Baton Blue, Black-eyed Blue, Spotted Adonis Blue, Common Tiger Blue, Spanish Marbled White, Dark Giant Grayling, Vaucher's Heath, Aetherie Fritillary, False Marbled Skipper, False Mallow Skipper, Rosy Grizzled Skipper, Red-underwing Skipper.

Day 10 Transfer to Tafraoute for three nights, visiting mountain pass Tizi n'Test. Searching for Moroccan Orange-tip, Desert Orange-tip, Iolas Blue, Black-eyed Blue, Common Tiger Blue, Provence Hairstreak, Spanish Festoon, Western Dappled White, Vaucher's Heath, Spanish Marbled White, Moroccan Small Skipper, Mediterranean Skipper, Southern Scarce Swallowtail, Cleopatra etc. Tafraoute is a small town in the central part of the Anti Atlas Mountains.

Days 11 and 12 Both days we will explore Anti Atlas Mountains, which represents a desolate world of rocky outcrops and lunar landscapes where the contrasts are extreme. Most of the land is dry and barren, bordering to the south with Sahara desert. A number of wadis and seasonal rivers terminate in the deserts to the south of the mountains. Species to be seen here are Desert Swallowtail, Desert Fritillary Greenish Black-tip, Scarce Green, Striped White, Desert Babul, Blue Allard's Silver-line, Moroccan Copper, Moroccan Hairstreak, Allard's Blue, Mediterranean Tiger Blue, Common Tiger Blue, Spanish Marbled White, Moroccan Small Skipper, Aden Skipper, Red-underwing Skipper.

Day 13 Transfer to Agadir airport for your flight back home. Time permitting we will have few stops on the way.


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The Butterflies of Morocco

The Butterflies of Morocco

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