Via Pontica autumn migration tours

Via Pontica autumn migration tours


Our Via Pontica – both early and late autumn migration tours along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast ended with 186 and 172 species respectively.

On the first trip highlights were Terek Sandpiper, 4 Temminck’s Stints, 3 different White-backed woodpeckers, 8 Little crakes, Thrush Nightingale and many more. Despite that some species were very seldom, for example the White Stork of which we saw less than 200 birds, while it has to be in tens of thousands, we have seen others in good numbers, such as Broad-billed Sandpiper – 25, Red-necked Phalarope – 11, thousands of pelicans etc.

On the second tour we had almost all European woodpeckers, with excellent views of the Lesser Spotted on the last day, all the crakes and Water Rail on the same spot in half an hour, 4 Greater Spotted eagles, Imperial Eagle and thousands of Lesser Spotted eagles and many more.

Checklist of both trips can be found on the website, under next year tours.