After more than two years of not running tours.

Our first tour was again a very successful False Apollo tour - 3rd-10th April in Northern Greece. Weather conditions were perfect - warm and sunny. Two days were spent enjoying our main target False Apollo, which was in pristine conditions and good numbers. Other species that contributed to the richness of the tour were quite a few Southern Festoons, only a pair of Eastern Festoons (it was a cold spring in general), Eastern Greenish Black tip, Gruners Orange Tip, Powdered Brimstone, Grecian Copper, Green-underside Blue, Eastern Baton Blue, Southern Comma, Nettle Tree Butterfly, Camberwell Beauty - altogether 45 species of butterflies. In addition, good number of early Mediterranean flowers and birds.

We have also run 5 more tours so far, and currently our Beauties and butterflies of Armenia is running successfully. Soon we will put news for each one. It is a great feeling to welcome again our guests. Best wishes and stay safe to all of you.